Peter Frampton is winding down his performing career this week, and plays his third-to-final show tonight (October 9th) at Seattle's Paramount Theatre. Frampton, who's been forced off the road after being diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease, will play tomorrow night (October 10th) in Portland, before wrapping the tour up on Saturday (October 12th) in front of 12,500 fans outside of San Francisco at Concord Pavilion.

Peter Frampton recalled to us his first dates as a solo artist nearly over 47 years ago on September 16th, 1972, when he opened for the J. Geils Band at Manhattan's Academy Of Music: "I blew my voice out doing the whole show. 45 minutes of flat-out -- no conservation whatsoever. So we got to the second show, and the review for the second show was, 'Great to see Frampton in a solo position. It was very surprising -- y'know, he did acoustic to electric, a little Humble Pie-ish. . . but the one amazing thing was, we never quite realized that Frampton sounded a lot, vocally, like Joe Cocker.' Well, that wasn't how I was supposed to sound! (laughs) I took it as a compliment, though."

In addition to Frampton's special guest Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening, the opener for these final shows is Frampton's son Julian with his Julian Frampton Band. Julian told us the group has been putting in some serious time in the rehearsal room: "We try to get in there once a week, y'know, when we have a gig coming up. As long as we have stuff booked -- we're rehearsing. But, as far as them doing other projects, y'know, I want them to be able to do anything and everything that they can get their hands on -- so we usually try to get in there once a week. That's kind of our goal."