Who would have thought a simple invention like the telephone would completely change our lives and our habits.   From having to get and operator to help with the call to party lines when you could listen to other people talk (I didn’t do it but I know people who did)   Jr Samples on Hee Haw telling us to call B.R. 5-4-9.

Rock and roll music was influenced by the phone.   Songs like Beachwood -4789< Chantilly Lace, Hello it’s me, I just called to say I love you, Memphis TN, Telephone Man, Telephone line  Call me and of course  867-5309.

Now we use our Smart phones for everything from texting, checking social media, streaming movies and even making telephone calls!   Yes, people actually use their phone to call people.

I text a lot of people myself, I find it easier just a quick note to someone is easier than getting into long conversations.   I am a busy man!  I have Batman comics to read and pro wrestling to watch and oh yeah being on the radio and spending time with my wife.  Boy the sacrifices I make to have a job and have a great marriage.

What gave me the idea for this blog?  I read some stats on Buzzfeed.com about what we do with our phone

 Your phone might be the most expensive thing you carry around.  But according to a recent survey, 22% of us have gotten angry and HURLED our phone across the room before. (Not me) Here are six more stats about our cell phone habits . . .

  1. Have you ever cracked the screen on your phone?  62% of us have.  38% said their screen has always remained intact. (Dirty yes, cracked no)
  2. Do you ever use your phone on the toilet?  94% said yes, including 79% who said they ALWAYS do.  Only 6% said they’ve never used their phone in the bathroom. (I admit it Yep on the toilet, Gotta play those games sometime)
  3. Have you ever dropped it IN the toilet, and had to fish it out?  23% of us have.  Wow, that’s gross. (NOPE, NOPE AND NOPE AND I MIGHT RETHINK THAT TOILET THING)
  4. Do you sleep with your phone in the bedroom?  92% of us do, including 9% who put it under their pillow.  Only 8% said they don’t keep their phone in the room with them. (Most of the time but on vibrate only, my ringtone it The Batman song, don’t want to freak out, that comes when the alarm clock goes off at 4:30)
  5. How many chargers do you have?  30% said just one . . . 37% said two . . . 20% said three . . . and 13% said four or more. (Not sure if I can’t find one I just “Teresa where’s the charger?   And the remote.)
  6. How many apps do you have on your phone . . . is it more than 30?  64% said no, they have less than 30.  36% said yes, they have more than 30 apps.  That includes 8% who said they have WAY more than 30. (My phone came with a bunch and I have added about 10 one of which is the KOOL 1039 AP!  Shameless plug GET YOUR NOW!


What would do without our phone?  Actually talk to each other…. Excuse me some just sent me a text!

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