Queen keyboardist Spike Edney has opened up about how Freddie Mercury really was behind the scenes. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Edney said, "The people who really knew him were the three guys in the band, Jim Beach, and Mary Austin. They were the ones that were the closest to him and were with him for the transition from a pop star to a megastar. What was he like? He could be a diva."

He continued, "He was very funny and he could be quite guarded. He was also quite shy. He unleashed his inner rock star on stage and offstage he preferred the quiet life. This is the one that I knew. I think the wild days were kind of behind him by the time 1984 came around."

Edney also revealed how fame changed Mercury's life. He explained, "Also, he was so famous it was very difficult for him to go out in public. His life was one of seclusion that he would allow certain people to be a part of. For a while, I got invited to the parties at his house. When we were on tour and he couldn't go out, we would stick around the hotel and go up to his suite and play Trivial Pursuit. Very rock & roll!"