Roger Taylor talked frankly about how he deals with his mortality. The famed Queen drummer, who is currently out on the road, spoke about turning 70 last Friday (July 26th), telling Yahoo Entertainment UK, “As you get older you think about death more. When the end does come it would be nice if it was unexpected. It often is. You should live each day and make sure you have a good time. Every time you don’t have a good time, you’re missing out.”

He spoke candidly about his slowly advancing age, explaining, “It’s a journey and it is coming up to the end. Everybody is leaving at some point. As we’re not getting any younger, you should start thinking about the tail end, or the September of one’s years. You mustn’t be afraid of talking about serious things. I don’t think anybody in their 20's thinks about that sort of thing.”

Taylor went on to say, “We’re all getting older and we’re going to drop off the perch. Inevitably one is forced to confront the fact. As David Bowie said, 'I embrace age.' I’m not sure he meant it. He said, ‘The only drawback is that the dying part is so s***.'”

Roger Taylor admitted to us that he and Brian May are amazed that there's still a tremendous amount of interest in Queen's music: “I think it's impossible to tell at the time that something's going to have longevity. We managed to keep a really great career for 20 years, so we know we had some kind of longevity, but we didn't really think that all this time later that the songs would still be or some of the songs would still be such a part of the wallpaper.”