Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed that they will perform at the Malibu Love Sesh at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on January 13th, 2019. Also performing will be Beck and St. Vincent. Malibu Love Sesh is a benefit event to support the Malibu community in its rebuilding efforts after the recent wildfires. The Chili Peppers recently began working on songs for their 12th studio album, which will follow up 2016's The Getaway. (Alternative Nation)

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has shared a new track called “Two Broken Hearts,” along with an appropriately quirky music video. The video splices memes with shots of Cuomo dancing awkwardly and two animated Bitmoji lovebirds, while the song is about two heartbroken people helping one another heal by spending time together watching HBO and eating ice cream. (Stereogum)

Pearl Jam has gifted fans on the band's YouTube channel with a nearly hour-long Yule Log featuring music from the group's numerous Christmas seven-inch singles and more. The static video features a roaring fireplace, a Christmas tree and a stocking hung for each member of Pearl Jam. The nine-track playlist begins with their cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Someday At Christmas” that was issued as a holiday single in 2004. Other tunes include covers such as “Jingle Bells” and the Sonics’ “Don’t Believe In Christmas” along with Peal Jam originals “Strangest Tribe” and “Santa God.” (Jambase)

Def Leppard has released a video for their new holiday song “We All Need Christmas.” Leppard singer Joe Elliot told Ultimate Classic Rock about that bassist Rick Savage came up with the idea for the song. Elliot said, “He goes, ‘It's a Christmas song.’ I'm thinking, ‘Oh, cool, Slade, Wizzard, where we going with it?’ And he started playing it, and I thought, ‘Oh, it's more of a Greg Lake thing, ‘I Believe in Father Christmas.’” He added about the song, “It's very cool, it's not overly sappy, which I could see on the surface people might think it is,” he says. “But if you actually listen to it, not just hear it, but actually listen to it, I'm not trying to get all deep and meaningful here, but there is a message. It's just one of those things. I think it makes you think back.” In addition to releasing the song digitally, the band also packaged it as a bonus 7″ single for a special pressing of the vinyl edition of The Story So Far — their new album. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Carl Palmer — the sole surviving member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer is planning a 50th anniversary celebration for the band. He told Billboard that the celebration will include more catalog re-releases as well as a special tribute concert. He said, “We're just now putting it together. I'm looking right now at putting a show together, probably in America, with some A-listers. I can't tell you who they are, but in principle as a project it looks like it's going to go through.” Palmer also wants to revisit a documentary film about the band that's been sitting on the sideline for some years. The 50th anniversary of the band is 2020. Emerson and Lake both passed away in 2016. (Billboard)

The 50th anniversary of Woodstock is happening in August 2019 and the special date will be marked with the placing of dove sculptures around Sullivan County, NY — where the festival took place. According to The Times Herland-Record reported that 36 fiberglass doves — which is reminiscent of the festival's dove logo, will be placed “in communities and at attractions throughout the county.” Roberta Byron-Lockwood, president of the Sullivan County and the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association said, “I think it’s gonna be a great tapestry for us. It’s a great way for us to tell our Sullivan Catskills story not only locally, but statewide, region wide, U.S. and internationally. Calls are already coming in and what better icon than the dove, which is peace and love, and, of course, to us means Bethel Woods and Woodstock.” Back in 1969, 500,000 people attended the four day event that featured Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills and Nash, the Band, the Who, Santana and more. (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Detroit's Motown Museum has received $2 million in grants from various organizations for expansion. According to Billboard, the Detroit museum announced last week that it received a $1.3 million grant from the Kresge Foundation, $500,000 from The Elaine & Leo Stern Foundation, $225,000 from AARP and $55,000 from the State of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. The expansion will be built around the existing museum, which includes the original studio and “Hitsville U.S.A.” sign. Motown's 60th anniversary is next year. (Billboard)