ROD STEWART ENJOYS 'MOTHER'S REUNION' WITH WIFE AND 3 EXES: Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster celebrated his daughter Kimberley's 40th birthday with his three ex wives Rachel Hunter, Kelly Emberg and Kimberly's mom Alana Stewart. Emberg shared a photo of the singer and the mothers of seven of his eight children on Instagram, writing to Kimberley: "Can't believe you are 40! You looked radiant last night! A mother's reunion!"

GARY ROSSINGTON RETURNS TO LYNYRD SKYNYRD TOUR FOLLOWING HEART SURGERY: Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington returned to the stage on Saturday night (August 24th) since undergoing heart surgery. The band took the stage at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, California. Rossington had to undergo surgery to repair a leaky heart valve.

DUSTY HILL CAUSED ISSUES ON 'BACK TO THE FUTURE III' SET: In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill revealed that he caused a bit of trouble on the set of Back to the Future III. He said, "I did cause a little bit of trouble on the set. It was a scene where nobody was supposed to have a gun. Everybody's supposed to give up their guns to go to this dance. I wanted the gun and I said, 'Look, I'll take it off before we film.' There's just a lot of sitting around time, so I got one and I was twirling it and doing this and that." He continued, "Well, then Frank had to have one. Before I knew it, about 10 or 12 people had to have guns and the producers and directors are going, wait a minute, somebody's going to forget and have a gun on and the continuity is going to get screwed up here! Laughs You've got to cause a little trouble."

DAVID BYRNE ANNOUNCES NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE: David Byrne has announced a new online magazine entitled Reasons to Be Cheerful. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the online magazine will publish stories "detailing real changes with measurable impact that are meant to inspire and uplift." The magazine will cover several subjects, including, health, culture, science and technology, climate and energy, economics, and more. Byrne said in a statement, "It often seems as if the world is going straight to Hell. I wake up in the morning, I look at the paper, and I say to myself, 'Oh no!' Often I'm depressed for half the day. I imagine some of you feel the same." He added, "Recently, I realized this isn't helping. Nothing changes when you're numb. So, as a kind of remedy, and possibly as a kind of therapy, I started collecting good news. Not schmaltzy, feel-good news, but stuff that reminded me, 'Hey, there's positive stuff going on! People are solving problems and it's making a difference!'"

SAMMY HAGAR RELEASES NEW VIDEO FOR 'NO WORRIES': Sammy Hagar and his band The Circle has released a video for their track "No Worries" form their debut album Space Between. The Circle features Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham and Vic Johnson.