I have had a rough couple of months and I am not complaining (ok just a little) but I was looking forward to the new year and hopefully fewer problems or issues in my life and so far so almost good.

I had my 1st post op visit after the neck surgery and things are healing nicely.  So I am happy and excited.  UNTIL!

As we got into the car turned the key………. Nothing not a &^%$ thing.  Dead Battery!  Not a big deal but still it came at a bad time.  Good news then not 5 minutes later…..  Well you know how it feels!

But then it happened.


Several good people stopped to offer there assistance. Not one of those people knew me but they were kind enough to want to help.  I had help on the way but t those who were willing to help I thank you,   your offer of help, helped me more than you know.

Another example came later in the afternoon when I was at therapy for my wrist and hand.  

There is a saying that goes like this “What is the difference between a terrorist and a Physical therapist?  You can negotiate with a terrorists!!!!!”

Ryan, my therapist is a great guy.  But in doing his job helping me he needs to do things to my wrist and fingers that makes me want to give him all the nuclear secrets of the free world!  The most painful thing I have ever been through in my life.  He always encourages me with a smile and a calm voice of real concern!


If this pain would relate to monetary gain, I would be Bill Gates rich!

But once again his kindness to me means more than money!      KIND OF…… I GUESS…… WOULD YOU BELIVE…….  Not really I does mean a lot.

During yesterday’s therapy a very kind lady also took time to give me kind words while I was trying to get better.

Those little acts of kindness are so easy to do and I hope that I can live up to their example and the example of the person who shows me the most kindness every day.  My wife Teresa!   Thank you the most

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