A few years ago a friend and I had a disagreement about recycling.  My friend is a little more liberal and I tend to be more conservative.  So on this issue he said he thought recycling was pretty much a waste of time while I think we should recycle as much of our trash as possible.

Why?  Yes the environmental reasons are there and I agree with those.  But to me a huge reason to recycle is to take pressure off our landfills.

Finding landfill space is difficult and where to put a landfill will usually wind up in court.

So I say Recycle your trash and do it to save our environment and to have less lawsuits in our courts

Friday Today is National Recycling Day.  Here are five common MYTHS about recycling. .

  1. “You can put electronics in the recycling bin.”  No.  The lithium ion batteries in smartphones and other electronics can explode and catch on fire.  You CAN recycle electronics, but they must go to a specialty facility that knows how to handle them.
  2. “Plastic bags are recyclable.”  This one is a little complicated, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that recycling facilities just don’t want them because they’re difficult to separate from other recyclables, and can clog up the equipment.

But keep in mind, that’s only for traditional plastic shopping bags.  Other types of plastic bags like sandwich bags and one gallon freezer bags CAN be recycled, as long as you snip the zipper off first.

  1. “Separating trash from recyclables isn’t important.”  Just like with plastic bags, garbage can also clog up the recycling equipment, so it IS important to separate trash and recyclables.
  2. “An item can only be recycled once.”  It’s true that plastic has a fairly short recycling life, but glass and metals like aluminum cans can be recycled over and over.
  3. “Stuff you recycle must be in good condition.”  A common myth is that you can’t recycle a soda can if you crush it.  But most recyclables just get melted or compressed into pellets at the recycling center anyway, so it’s fine.

The one exception is broken glass, but only because it can be dangerous for the people who collect your recyclables.

Friday is also “CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE DAY” Go to the back throw away the jello mold with mold. Destroy that which used to resemble food.  I read today the meat and veggie trays are the dirtiest areas in the kitchen.

Several years ago when I was single I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner that had lots of leftovers including Mashed Potatoes which never were used in the leftover meals.  The spuds made it to the back of my fridge where they were forgotten about until that day when I was ambitious and cleaned the fridge.  Let’s just say my gag reflex is happening just thinking about it. The container and taters made its way to the garbage and landfill!  I think the site of those potatoes inspired several hideous monsters in Sci fi movies.


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