Red Hot Chili Peppers played a groundbreaking show on Friday (March 15th) at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The entire concert was live streamed for free, marking the first time that any event has been live streamed from the last standing wonder of the ancient world.

No matter how exotic the locale, bassist Flea told us not long ago that the band approaches each show the same way: “You know, with gigs, it's always the same for me — some are fun, some aren't fun, but that doesn't really matter. Actually serving the mighty tradition of performing for people is just something that I and we as a band care about deeply. So no matter what the scene is, we're just in to go out there and tap in the source and reach into the most hardcore depths of who we are, to get what we can.”

The live stream was produced by, the leading distribution platform for concert recordings and live streams. CEO Brad Serling remarked, “We've produced live streams from some exotic places like the North Pole, but never from as magical a setting as the foot of The Great Pyramid. We've been releasing live recordings from the Chili Peppers for several years, so we jumped at the opportunity to broadcast the band's historic appearance in Giza.”

The audio of the show will be released at in multiple download formats ranging from MP3 to hi-resolution audio. The Chili Peppers started releasing live recordings of every show they play in 2011 with, and have since added a handful of archival shows dating back to 2000 to