Remodeling or moving, I don’t know which I like least.

My wife and I have had a project going on at our house that has disrupted our lives’.

We had to box up 2 rooms of stuff, and remember I collect Super hero toys and wrestling figures. Remember I am a bit of a geek.

Getting ready for a remodel is a lot like moving, you find yourself living out of boxes and saying “Honey , where are my pants?”  Of course if I would just open my eyes I would have seen them but like I said I am a bit of a geek.

We did have some unforeseen problems that put us behind in the remodel which led to a few more grey hairs.   But now that the job is done and we start emptying boxes and taking some of those toys and downsizing a bit I am so glad we did it.

I still have more than a few boxes to empty and putting on display, but that is the fun part of remodeling.



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