Proof positive that Eddie Money's music will live on was apparent over the past couple of days in concert halls across the U.S. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that a handful of Money's old friends — REO Speedwagon, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, and Kid Rock — all took turns saluting the quintessential New York rocker, who died on September 13th at age 70, while battling stage 4 esophageal cancer.

REO frontman Kevin Cronin, who knew Money for well over 40 years, led the band through a rendition of “Two Tickets To Paradise,” in Delmar, California, with Cronin telling the crowd that Money was one of the band's best friends and credited him for being a “funny mother****er.” During Bryan Adams' Indio, California concert, he performed a solo, acoustic rendition of “Baby Hold On.”

Before launching into “Shakin',” Kid Rock told the crowd at Clarkston, Michigan's DTE Energy Music Theatre, “I'm sure you've heard that Eddie Money passed away today. And not only was Detroit like a second home — I'm sure that many of you know that Pine Knob was absolutely his house. He opened this place every summer for decades. So, we wanted to come sing one tonight, pay tribute to him. So rock on, Eddie.”

When we last caught up with Eddie Money, he fondly recalled being a round-the-clock MTV mainstay. It was the release of 1982's No Control, which spawned the hits “Shakin'” and “Think I'm In Love,” both of which became staples on MTV and favorites of the video generation. Money told us that he's amazed at how economical the filming of the promo clips were back then: “Well, when I look back at those videos, I mean, everybody in those videos, we look — the way they shot 'em and (laughs) everybody had the same haircut and skinny ties (laughs)! My videos, nobody else was putting videos out, so I was, like, the crown jewel of MTV. I don't know how much money they spend on videos these days, a million, two million dollars. . . We did two videos — we did 'I Think I'm In Love' and 'Shakin'' for $88,000 — for both of 'em. That was cheap.”