A "several minutes long" preview of Peter Jackson's upcoming film culled from outtakes of the Beatles' 1969 Let It Be film sessions was previewed at the Universal Music showcase. The industry sampler has key artists and projects offering up a taste of what will be coming in the New Year.

Variety quoted Jeff Jones, the CEO of Apple Corps, the Beatles' company as telling the crowd, "We have created a brand-new film that will attempt to bust the myth that the Let It Be sessions were the final nail in the Beatles' coffin."

According to the report filed by someone who saw the new sampler: "It's brighter both visually and spiritually, with many, many shots of the Beatles joking around, making fun of each other, singing in silly accents and generally indulging in vintage Moptop hijinks. It also features many scenes of the group rehearsing songs from the Abbey Road album -- their true swan song, which would be recorded over the following summer -- and even rough versions of songs that would appear on solo records. On the basis of this clip, Beatles fans will lose their minds over this film."

During the filming of Let It Be on January 14th, 1969, John Lennon spoke about only becoming conscious of what his songs are about after the fact: "The songs, I mean, you're vaguely aware if you sing something it's gonna go 'round all over the world, but you can't get into that while you're writing a song. It's a job writing a song, and you're doing it, and you're involved in it, and then sometimes you don't realize what you've written 'til after you've recorded it, or even a year later, y'know? I hear old records of ours and see things on different levels."