According to a new report, Eddie Money was forced to sideline his cancer treatment while he battles pneumonia. Money, who scrapped all of his shows this year, underwent a heart valve procedure last spring and is fighting stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Sources close to Money told TMZ, “Eddie has spent the last three months in the hospital following complications related to his heart valve procedure back in May. We're told he was discharged late last month. He's currently at a private rehab center recovering from his lengthy hospital stay.”

According to the report, the good news is that Money's cancer has so far not progressed while breaking from the ongoing treatment.

Eddie Money — and the entire Money family — have always shared a particularly close relationship with his die-hard fanbase. Money told us that over the years he's found out what a cross-section of fans he actually appeals to: “I didn't play 'Baby Hold On' in a show. After the show, I ran into this guy backstage with a cop car. He was standing next to the cop car — kid got caught doing donuts in the parking lot. He had gone in his pants, he had cigarette butts in his hair, and he said, 'Eddie, I drove 100 miles to see you, and I got a D.U.I. You didn't play 'Baby Hold On'!' I said, 'Oh my God.' I went back out there, played 'Baby Hold On,' gave him some cigarette money for jail, and he said, 'Thanks, Eddie! I almost got through high school listening to you!' There's blue-collar fans, white-collar fans, and then some of the fans are, like, Eddie Money tank-top fans, but we have a good time out there.”