George Harrison has hoped that intense meditation could cure him of cancer. The youngest Beatle died on November 28th, 2001 of the disease at age 58. quoted the Reelz TV show Autopsy: The Last Hours Of. . ., which interviewed both Harrison's older sister Louise and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter. According to the report, Harrison suffered from the same genetic disorder that caused the death of his mother -- also named Louise -- in 1970 and his older brother Peter in 2007.

The condition, known as germline mutation "may have afflicted his family for generations. It made (George) more susceptible to cancer and was exacerbated by decades of drug and alcohol abuse and chain-smoking." Louise Harrison, George's 86-year-old sister revealed, "He refused treatment at first. He believed he could cure himself through meditation."

  • After his 1999 stabbing by a delusional assailant from which he suffered a collapsed lung, among other injuries, in this clip featured in the recent Living In The Material World documentary, George Harrison spoke candidly about facing his own mortality: "I had an experience, where, y'know, if you have something happen to you physically, then people can go in hospital or have something wrong with them, or have a shock or something like that, and then you think, 'Wow, yeah, I could be dying now.' Now if I was dying now, what would I think? What would I miss? If I had to leave my body, y'know, in an hour's time -- what is it that I would miss? I think, 'I've got a son who needs a father, I have to stick around for him as long as I can.' But other than that, I can't think of much reason to be here (laughs)."