With Tax Day (April 15th) just passing, a new report says that the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) has filed a federal tax lien against late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland's estate, alleging he did not pay his federal income tax from 2012 to 2014. The lien lists his ex-wife, Mary Weiland, as his representative.

Federal tax authorities filed the lien one week before the tax deadline, claiming Weiland owes nearly $819,000 in unpaid back taxes. Last year, Weiland's estate was hit with a lien by the California State Tax Franchise Board for almost $250,000. The estate was also ordered by a judge to pay $4,000 a month to the late singer's children.

Mary Weiland, the mother of Scott's two children, filed court documents stating that his estate had a value of about $1.6 million with an average annual royalties income of almost $265,000. Mary and Scott's widow, Jamie Weiland, have clashed publicly over the total value of Scott's estate.

Jamie said a while back on The Joe Howard Show that her husband was not a wealthy man by any means: “I think that there’s this preconceived notion that Scott being a rock star must have just had millions in the bank, and that I’m probably just sitting pretty and just collecting money, it’s the antithesis of the truth. He unfortunately passed away with an enormous amount of debt, there were a lot of loose ends that were never dealt with.”

Weiland was found dead on his tour bus in December 2015 at the age of 48 from a toxic mix of drugs and alcohol. The vocalist had been dealing with self-medication, estrangement from his children, financial difficulties and a steadily increasing drinking problem.