Julian Lennon has inked a new record deal for his first new music in nearly a decade. Showbiz411.com reported that John Lennon's older son has signed with BMG and is prepping his first new album since 2011's sorely overlooked Everything Changes collection. No release date was given for the upcoming set. Julian recently made headlines when Styx co-founder Dennis DeYoung posted photos of the two on social media when Lennon dropped by to lay down vocals on DeYoung's upcoming album due out later this year.

Julian, who'll turn 57 in April, recently appeared in the new documentary, John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky, which chronicled the sessions for his father's 1971 Imagine album.

Julian Lennon, who's been focusing primarily on his photography and charity work over the past decade, hasn't toured since 1999 and told us that he has very specific ideas as to how he wants to make his stage return: "Believe you me, I wanna do live dates but I also wanna make sure the show's right and I also wanna do it in the right way, the way I wanna do it. I wanna work with partial orchestras -- y'know, so even though it'll be rock n' roll, a lot of the material that I do do, or have written is very thematic (with a lot of) great orchestration. And I did one show in Hong Kong with a full orchestra and it was the most amazing experience."