Does Australia's MSN Seven News know something we don't??? According to the TV station, Paul McCartney's latest album will be released today (June 15th). In a report covering McCartney's impromptu Liverpool gig last weekend while touring the city with CBS' The Late Late Show host James Corden, the Aussie newscaster not only revealed the name of the untitled new song that McCartney premiered — “Come Home To You” — but confirmed it was his new single before hipping the audience to supposed June 15th release date for “Macca's” first new album in five years. The former Beatle turns 76 on Monday (June 18th).

Paul McCartney feels that at this point it's okay for him to reference some of his older material — be it in the type of melody he writes or in the production technique he utilizes for each track: “I think some of that you can't help. Y'know, you are yourself. I mean, throughout your career, you often try to be someone else, but no matter how hard you try, it's you and you can't help it. Y'know, you're writing, you may try and write a song differently. There's always a thread, 'cause it's you, y'know?” .

  • In October 2013, McCartney's released his most recent album, New, which peaked at Number Three on the Billboard 200.