It's looking as though an announcement regarding Paul McCartney's box set reissue of his 1997 Top Two collection, Flaming Pie is about to drop. The sure-fire tip-off is the collection popping up on an overseas Amazon page -- this time from Germany -- noting the already leaked July 24th release date.

The posting does not give a price, but does describe it as a "limited deluxe edition" with a total of seven discs. According to reliable sources, an official announcement is expected to come this week.

Shortly after the release of Flaming Pie, Paul McCartney appeared on VH1 and explained that the album was comprised of a very relaxed and organic series of sessions: "I was basically not under, really, any pressure to make this album. Because of the release of The Beatles Anthology, the record label said to me, they didn't really need an album for a couple of years. So, I started to just make tracks just for my own pleasure, get my friends involved. . . And so, the tracks came, kind of, homemade, and I got some of my family members involved. And we just, sort of, made a few tracks, stockpiled them and suddenly it was there."