According to insider reports, the next installment of Paul McCartney's ongoing "Archive Collection" will be his 1997 return-to-form collection, Flaming Pie. The set will be the first archival release since last December's triple shot of 1971's Wild Life, the previously unreleased Wings Over Europe live set, and 1973's Red Rose Speedway.

Flaming Pie, which was released on May 5th, 1997, peaked at Number Two on the Billboard 200 albums chart, marking his first solo Top 10 album since 1982's Tug Of War. Flaming Pie was McCartney's first new album following The Beatles Anthology multimedia project, which featured three back-to-back chart-topping double albums.

Flaming Pie was co-produced by ELO's Jeff Lynne and featured contributions from Ringo Starr, Steve Miller, James McCartney, Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick, and "Fab Four" producer George Martin. The album also featured Linda McCartney's final appearance on a McCartney album.

Paul McCartney's Flaming Pie album received raves from critics, most of whom -- still high on The Beatles Anthology fever -- heard distinct Beatle-esque qualities in the album. Flaming Pie also seemed a particularly timely sounding collection, which was also released at the height of the mid-90's Brit pop resurgence.

McCartney explained at the time that despite the heightened interest in the Beatles' music, he was pretty much carrying on as he always had done: "I didn't, kind of, consciously start off to try and make a Beatle sound -- although these days, I don't try to avoid it, 'cause there are a lot of other people trying to make that same sound. And with great success, too; a lot of younger bands. It just makes a great sound. It makes the sound you wanna hear. So, I didn't really try to avoid the Beatles' sound, but at the same time, I didn't go for it. It's the sound that I was part of the birth of. So it comes naturally to me."