According to several reputable sources -- including the dependable -- a vinyl box set featuring all 22 British Beatles singles will new released on November 15th. The box set, which will include a bonus 45 r.p.m. of the group's mid-'90s Anthology reunion songs "Free As A Bird" backed with "Real Love," was listed on Amazon Italy among other outlets before being pulled. The single will reportedly feature newly created picture sleeves for the singles.

In 1966, Paul McCartney shed light on how his partnership with John Lennon works when developing a new idea: "We think nearly alike -- but pretty different at the same time. We can write a song, say, like, 'Day Tripper" -- where we. . . y'know, where we we've got to write one; and at the same be the same writing it. Y'know, we can write it thinking the same thing about it. But if we each wrote it individually -- it'd be a completely different song."

During his 1970 interview with Rolling Stone, John Lennon listed "Help!" as among his best songs: "Because I meant it. It's real. The lyric is as good now as is was then, it's no different. And it makes me feel good that I was that sensible or whatever -- not sensible, but aware of myself then. It was just me singing ‘Help' -- and I meant it. I don't like the recording that much -- the song I like. We did it too fast to try and be commercial."