Although it hasn't been confirmed, what seems to be the tracklisting to the Beatles' upcoming Abbey Road box set has been leaked online. According to several sources — including the usually reliable, the limited four-disc edition set includes:

A 12-inch by 12-inch hardcover book to house:
CD 1: New Abbey Road stereo album mix
CD 2: Demos and Outtakes
CD 3: Demos and Outtakes
Disc 4 (Blu-ray): Dolby Atmos mix of whole album / 5.1 surround of whole album / hi-res stereo mix of whole album
Fully illustrated Book

Earlier this month Ringo Starr confirmed that a 50th anniversary Abbey Road remaster is coming — possibly as soon as September. At his birthday bash at L.A.'s Capitol Records on July 7th,, quoted Ringo talking about the upcoming project saying, “We’re going to promote it, of course. I have heard it, the remaster, and it’s great. And we’re having like a get-together, or I’m going to a get-together at EMI in England, in Abbey Road (Studios). I think it’s the 26th of September, so if you’re not busy get over there.”

Ringo's quote came on the heels of producer Giles Martin tweeting out a photo of a vintage EMI Studios 8-track mixing board with the Beatles quote “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Shortly after its 1969 release, Paul McCartney picked his favorites off the Abbey Road album: “Well, I like 'Come Together' — that's a great one, which is John's one. I like 'Something,' George writes (sic). For me, I think, it's the best he's written. And I like 'Because' on the second side. I like all the others, y'know, I think there's not a bad track on it. But my favorites are those ones; and then the long one. The whole of the end bit, I think that works good.”