“Bad boys, bad boys.  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you”

January 9th is National law enforcement appreciation day!

I for one want to say thanks to those who take up the mantle to keep us safe and try to keep criminals from harming as many of us as possible.

It is a task that is dangerous and I would guess rewarding at the same time.

I have had several friends in law enforcement. From a college friend who recently retired in Carbon county.  To a good friend in Missouri who told me stories that made me cry, scared me to death and stories that me so proud of him.

There is a young man –Sean that I love like he is one of my own who chose to serve in law enforcement here in Utah.  He has saved lives and seen lives taken away and I know that it has to be hard to see what he has seen at such a young age.   I am so proud of Sean, who I used to play Batman with!

There are those who will take every chance to question things that police officers do.   I am sure that mistakes are made and I am sure there are people in law enforcement that don’t deserve to wear the badge.  These men and women have to make split second decisions that sometimes are life and death decisions.  Every time I hear that kind of questioning, I ask if that person is willing to make that split second decision themselves.

Words are just a very simple but heartfelt way for me to say Thank you!


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