I have always had respect for the Military who have served this country.   As teenager I was seriously considering a military. Now on this Memorial Day weekend I want to say THANK YOU to all who served, especially to those who gave all.

My family was affected by this tragedy during WWII, My Uncle Edward was killed in France about the time of the liberation of Paris. I never got to meet him nor did I learn much about him but one day having a talk with my Mother she talked a little about his death and how it affected my Father.  Mom said that my dad had a difficult time dealing with his brother’s death because they never found the body.  I know it had to be extra difficult for the entire family, I can’t even imagine the pain, the loss.  As I sit here now it brings a tear to my eye knowing this.

Memorial Day has also become a day for us to remember family and friends who have passes away from us.

And now Memorial Day also means, road trips, family reunions, camping, boating BBQ and retail sales.   Nothing wrong with that but please take few minutes to remember why Memorial Day began.

As a youth I had another reason to celebrate Memorial Day.  It was celebrated on May 30th and that is my Birthday.  I used to joke that the weekend was to celebrate my birth.

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