Ringo Starr understood that some Beatles fans might have an issue with him covering one of John Lennon's final songs from 1980 -- but he's clearly thrilled with the result. The highlight of Ringo's new album, What's My Name, features him and Paul McCartney teaming up on "Grow Old With Me," which was originally released in 1984 in demo form on the posthumous Lennon album, Milk And Honey.

The 2019 version of "Grow Old With Me," which was produced by Ringo, features McCartney on bass and backing vocals, Joe Walsh on guitar, with Lennon's Double Fantasy producer, the legendary Jack Douglas, having supplied the orchestration for the track.

During an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe Ringo spoke about the recording of "Grow Old With Me": "Y'know, it just came together really good. There's gonna be some flak, but I didn't care; Look -- I loved John, I love this track. Y'know, I did the backing track and put the drums on and sang it. Y'know, the only bass player I want on this track is Paul. I mean, he's the most incredible bass player, and he's my friend -- and I did point out to him that it's a John track, he said, 'Sure, I'm comin' over.'"