Ringo Starr remains a sprightly 79-year-old, and shed some light on how he keeps himself positive and happy. Ringo, who'll release his 20th album on October 25th, titled What's My Name, told GQ, “I also feel that every day is a good day, but I can drag it down. I live a life now that if I’m in a great space and having a good day, I think that it will go on forever. And if I’m on a bummer, I’ll say, 'This too shall pass.' I try to be honest through the day. But sometimes, things don't work out. Sometimes something happens and your plan gets changed. Somebody told me, which was great: 'It’s great to have plans, but when they change, don’t get upset.' But what about me, I’m going to miss the flight! Okay, so get the next one! All of your cryin' and moanin' is not gonna stop the plane from taking off.”

Ringo spoke about his remake of John Lennon's 1980 song “Grow Old With Me,” which reunited him with Paul McCartney for the track: “I did the vocals first and then I wanted real friends to come and play with me. I thought the only guy who could really play bass on this for me was Paul . And Paul happened to be coming into town. I said, 'I’ve done this song I just found and I’d love for you to play bass.' He said, 'Sure, okay.' And that’s how I got Paul: I asked him and he said yes. He is the most melodic player, I love playing with him. He played beautiful and then he sang with me, that was nice too. (But) he’s been on five or six on my albums, so it’s not like the only time he’s ever played with me.”

Ringo touched on the other Beatles-related track on the new set: “There’s also a cover of an old song, 'Money (That’s What I Want).' I wanted to record 'Money' and I wanted to do it my way. That’s the joy of making your own record: We wanted to do it, so we did.”

Ringo Starr told us that although he's nothing but proud of his Beatles days and all the good that came along with it, he lives for the now and doesn't feel the need to relive the group's history: “I did all that in the ‘60s. We are The Beatles, we made those records, and now we’re ‘Ringo,’ and I do what I do now, y’know? That’s how it is. Y’know, I don’t sit here, y’know, dwellin’ on the past. I’m trying, like, to get on with today. That’s what I do.”