Ringo Starr has confirmed that a 50th anniversary Abbey Road remaster is coming — possibly as soon as September. At his birthday bash at L.A.'s Capitol Records on Sunday (July 7th), Kbgo.iheart.com, quoted Ringo talking about the upcoming project saying, “We’re going to promote it, of course. I have heard it, the remaster, and it’s great. And we’re having like a get-together, or I’m going to a get-together at EMI in England, in Abbey Road (Studios). I think it’s the 26th of September, so if you’re not busy get over there.”

Ringo's quote comes on the heels of producer Giles Martin tweeting out a photo of a vintage EMI Studios 8-track mixing board with the Beatles quote “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

John Lennon recalled that towards the end of the Beatles run, the energy that once drove the band had greatly diminished: “I just made the records with the Beatles like one goes to one's job at nine in the morning. Y'know, Paul, or whoever, would say, 'It's time to make a record.' I'd just go in and make a record, y'know, and not think too much about it. I would enjoy the session if it was a good session, y'know, if we got our rocks off playing it was fine. If it was a drag it was a drag. It had become a job.”

The Beatles' late-engineer Geoff Emerick captured an entirely new sound for the Beatles on 1969's Abbey Road — which pointed the way to how rock was recorded in the new decade. He admitted to us that he was never awestruck by the Beatles and that helped them to leave the mania and adulation outside of the studio walls: “It's like a human story of human people making music in a studio. Now they're so iconic, it would be like. . . I don't know how it would be like. How people would sort of feel about that. They'd be in awe; they wouldn't even go near them it's like royalty. I mean some people do treat them as royalty. But because I've known them all these years. . . As I say, we're just making music in the studio, y'know?”