Ringo Starr shows no sign of slowing down, as the Beatles drummer celebrates his 30th anniversary tour this summer with his interchanging All Starr Band. Ringo, who recently celebrated his 79th birthday, told The New York Daily News why he spends nearly everyb summer out on the road, explaining, "I love playing with other musicians. I love the audience and they love me. We both know that. I think it all relates back to this dream I had at 13 when I was in a hospital, and they gave me a little drum. And I hit that drum, because they wanted to keep you busy. We all had (tuberculosis), so we were a bit stationary. The next time (the nurse) came, if she didn't give me a drum, I wasn't going to play in the band. And that's how it started."

Ringo is particularly excited for the September 27th release of the Beatles' multi-disc Abbey Road deluxe box set, admitting, "I just love Side Two (of the album). '(She Came In Through The) Bathroom Window' and 'Polythene Pam' are all like short bits because they hadn't finished the songs, really. The other thing I'm really always proud of is there was a bit of tension. Not all the time, not as much as people like to think, but if you counted it in, everybody gave their all. Nobody said, 'Oh, well, not my song.' Nobody held back. You did your best every take."

He also revealed that he's got his 20th solo studio set already in the can: "I've got the album finished, and we're trying to decide a cover. I love to paint, I love to play music, I love to make records and I love to go on tour. I love life."

Ringo Starr told us that he prefers to keep his mind space in a much simpler and positive time: "A lot of my head is still in the ‘60s. I thought it was a beautiful time to live. And we were making great music, and y'know, the whole atmosphere was love and peace -- and peace and love, brothers. Peace and love."