The Beatles, the Fab four, the mop tops, The British invasion.  Believe it or not I am more of fan today than I was back in the day.  I do remember the big question with my sisters and friends would always ask.  Who is your favorite Beatle?

My favorite Beatle became a Knight yesterday.  Yes my favorite Beatle is Richard Starkey AKA Ringo Star.

I started to try to determine why Ringo is my favorite and now I know why.  My favorite Beatle sang my favorite Beatle songs.   And his solo hits are my favorite solo Beatle songs (exception Band on the run).

Here is a list of my favorite songs by the Beatles sung by Ringo

Boys – Octopuses Garden, Yellow Submarine, with a little help from my Friends and my favorite Beatle song would Be ACT NATURALLY!  I have always love that song.   I even have a 45 that Ringo sang with Buck Owens

Then Solo hits like Back off boogaloo, It’s Don’t come easy and Photograph are always great but I love the” No No song” silly yes  but I just love to sing along with that one.

Then Ringo married Barbra Bach and filmed a very funny movie called Caveman.  Here is the trailer.   Look for a couple of actors who went on to become stars.

When I lived in Missouri, I had a Ringo moment that didn’t involve Ringo but it did!  HUH?  I was at a record store (remember those) and there was a long line of people waiting to purchase tickets to various concerts that went on sale that day (way before the internet).   I am there to purchase tickets to see Aerosmith when I heard a young guy look at the sign that said what concerts were being sold that day when I heard a young man say “Who are Ringo Star and his All Star band?”  his friend said”it’s more like Ringo Star and his All has been band”    Lucky for them they didn’t have to go get dental work after that!  The all-star band that year included.  Gary Wright, Todd Rontgen, Billy Preston and more has beans.

Then in Ogden a couple of years ago I was at a thrift store when a song came on the speaker system and a couple my age were trying to figure out what it was.  I heard the husband saying he was sure it was a country artist but couldn’t remember so I spoke up and said.  You are partly right and told them it was The Beatles and the man said no way well way.   It was Act Naturally a song written by Buck Owens which got us into a conversation about Hee Haw!  That is for another blog in the future.

So when you are listening to KOOL 1039 and you hear Ringo you know Dave is singing along!   “There going to put me in the movies”

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