Set for release on December 13th is Robert Plant's Digging Deep box set. The limited edition vinyl collection features 16 solo hits and B-sides on seven-inch singles. The eight-disc set is released in connection with the second season of Plant's podcast, Digging Deep with Robert Plant, which premiered this week. The box includes restored artwork from the original single releases and is packaged in a handmade hardback book.

According to the press release, “Digging Deep collects two songs from each of Plant’s eight acclaimed solo albums, highlighted by 10 iconic tracks which reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Rock Songs chart, including the Number One classics, “'Little By Little,' 'Tall Cool One,' and 'Hurting Kind.' The boxed set also includes a number of songs featured on Digging Deep with Robert Plant, including 'Big Log' and 'Tin Pan Valley,' both of which are discussed at length in the podcast’s second season.”

Robert Plant worked extensively with Phil Collins in the early-'80s and remembered that his work ethic and belief in the material was unyielding: “I mean, he was there and he used to come down to Rockfield (Studios), where we (used to) record and he’d say: ‘I’ve got four days, okay? Let’s go do the whole album' — I said, ‘done.’ And we’d just work it and work it and work it. And he was, he had this funny look on his — his eyebrow used to go up in the air. He put his drumsticks under his arm and a towel around his neck, and he’d listen to the playback and he’d go: ‘Bass drum’s too fast. Let’s do it again. Gotta get it right, we’ve got to get it right.’ So we got it right and in doing so, I started dragging myself out of the shadows bit by bit. And we did great stuff and Phil toured with us for a couple of tours and we had a great time.”

The tracklisting to Robert Plant's Digging Deep box set:

Single 1:
Side A: “Burning Down One Side”
Side B: “Like I've Never Been Gone”

Single 2:
Side A: “Big Log”
Side B: “In The Mood”

Single 3:
Side A: “Too Loud”
Side B: “Little By Little”

Single 4:
Side A: “Ship Of Fools”
Side B: “Tall Cool One”

Single 5:
Side A: “Hurting Kind”
Side B: “Tie Dye On The Highway”

Single 6:
Side A: “Calling To You”
Side B: “29 Palms”

Single 7:
Side A: “Song To The Siren”
Side B: “Morning Dew”

Single 8:
Side A: “Shine It All Around”
Side B: “Tin Pan Valley”