Robert Plant premiered his new band named Saving Grace on January 25th during scaled back gig in Shropshire, England's Sparc Theatre in Bishop’s Castle. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that the venue for the five-person ensemble sits close to the border between England and Wales.

The official Facebook page for the venue, Sparc Thea Tre, uploaded photos from the show and posted:

The new project is called Saving Grace; a co-operative including Robert Plant - vocals/harmonica, Suzi Dian - vocals, Tony Kelsey - mandolin, baritone and acoustic guitars, Matt Worley - banjo, acoustic and baritone guitars, and cuatro, Oli Jefferson - percussion. Described as "music inspired by the dreamscape of the Welsh Marches."

Saving Grace came on stage with Robert declaring that this was the band’s first gig and he was very happy to be back in "Bouncy Castle." He went on to say how they "deeply support Sparc Theatre and others like it" and "how important it is to preserve these places of music, theatre and art for communities in Shropshire Herefordshire and Everywhereshire."

Their music was sublime, laid back and bluesy with eastern and folk influences. Robert was in fine voice, Suzi’s vocals blended perfectly as well as standing out and owning it in her own right. With warm harmonies from Tony and Matt, and beautifully crafted, textural guitar, mandolin, banjo and percussion too we couldn’t believe our luck!

Robert Plant has always credited his curiosity as being the springboard for creativity: "You go out into the world and you learn, so, there are great achievements and big accolades and gongs and medals and discs, and you meet presidents and kings, and stuff; But the most important, crucial thing to me has been what I've learned. And how I've tried to incorporate it into myself as a guy and as a performer."