There is a song by the Righteous Brothers “Rock and Roll Heaven” that talks about music stars who have passed away and a line from the song says “If there is a Rock and Roll Heaven then you know they have a hell of a band.

That song came to my mind today as I read about the death of Dennis Edwards.  Dennis was a member of one of my favorite Motown groups The Temptations.  Dennis joined the group after David Ruffin was basically fired.  Ruffin was the lead vocals on My Girl and ain’t to proud to beg and Edwards was the lead on Papa was a rollin stone and Cloud nine.  Both men had incredible voices.   They had such an impact on me that I would tell people that when I grew up I wanted to be a “Temp, a Top or a Pip”.  As you can tell I grew up loving R and B music.  But I really loved it all.  So when a music star passes away I try to remember the joy they brought into my life.

We have lost so many since 2016.  So I thought it would be kind of nice to remember them again and I will put a favorite song next to each one.

In 2016

George Michael: Carless Whisper

Leon Russel: Lady Blue

John Berry of the Beasty Boys: Fight for the right to Parrrrrrrtee.

Prince: Little Red Corvette, but to be honest I am not a big Prince fan

Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire:  That’s the way of the world (one of my favorite songs)

Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane: Somebody to Love

Glenn Fry of the Eagles:  The one you love

David Bowie:  Fame, I used to dance to it all the time at Ricks College and do the old disco dance The Robot.   Now my Robot needs some WD 40


David Cassidy : Doesn’t somebody want to be wanted

Malcom Young of AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Robert Knight: Ever Lasting love

Fats Domino:  Just like Richie on Happy days I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill

Tom Petty: Mary Janes last dance

Walter Becker of Steely Dan: FM (no static at all)

Glen Campbell:  By the time I get to Phonies

Greg Allman:  Midnight Rider

Don Williams: I saw him in concert 5 times I Believe in You

Chuck Berry: I knew a Judge who heard one of the many lawsuits against Chuck but I would say my favorite would be reelin and rockin

Al Jerreau:  After all

I am sure there are some that I missed and that’s OK when I remember I will choose to remember these voices of my youth with a smile on my lips and a song that I will gladly sing to the top of my lungs but not as well as they did.

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