Believe it or not, Rod Stewart has never cooked a meal for himself in his life. Rod is garnering strong reviews for his 30th studio set, the recently-released Blood Red Roses album — with the album's lead single “Didn't I” marking his first original composition to crack the Top 10 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary charts since 1999.

Although Rod is without a doubt a family man at heart — with a brood of eight children — he revealed to Rolling Stone that he can't even boil an egg, admitting, “Absolutely true. True, true, true, mate. In the Seventies, it was a different era. We used to have girlfriends we’d shack up with. And then you’d sort of get fed up with them and they’d leave, or you’d kick ’em out. Horrible, but then you realize, 'Who’s gonna cook me dinner? Who’s gonna cook me breakfast?' And you find yourself walking down to the local cafe. I’m still absolutely hopeless. I cannot cook to save me life. The last time I tried to make a boiled egg, I had about 20 pans and things out of the cupboard. What a mess. Nothing to be proud of.”

When asked if he had ever cooked a meal in his life Rod came clean saying, “Never. I’ve made a bit of toast and a cup of tea in the afternoon, but other than that, I’ve done nothing. Shameful. Shame on you, Stewart!”

Rod, who's now 73, was asked what advice — if any — he would offer up to his 20-year-old self: “Probably 'Cut back on the drinking.' There isn’t much that I regret. I absorbed all the information I could, all the help that I could, so there’s not much I would change in my twenties. It all went so well for me, from being discovered singing on a railway station, and it just kept going up and up and up and up and up.

When pressed about when he's been happiest in his life, Rod said: “Now. Without a shadow of a doubt, now. I’ve never been so content in all my life. I mean, look at what I’ve got. I mean, apart from the financial side of things, lovely houses, I know that’s all materialistic stuff, but I have the most gorgeous wife, and I have eight wonderful children, and two little ones. It’s just fabulous. They’ll be home from school in a minute. They’re all gonna jump in the pool, and I can’t wait to get in there with them. This is the most wonderful period of my life.”

Rod Stewart admitted to us that he never thought he'd achieve so much through singing when he first turned professional: “Oh, when I first came into it, I was getting paid 35 pounds a week. And I thought, 'Well, 35 pounds a week,' y'know, 30 years ago, was a lot of money. I thought, 'Well, this is absolutely wonderful. If it lasts for six months, I'll be able to save up and buy a, y'know, modest sports car and go out and pull all the girls (laughs)'”