Rod Stewart will release his 30th studio album in September, titled Blood Red Roses. The set marks Rod's first new collection since 2015's Another Country. Billboard reported that while on the road with Cyndi Lauper, he's given audiences a taste of the new material, with Billboard reporting, "Stewart introduced new song 'Hole In My Heart' (at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl) by saying it was inspired by his days as a twenty-something running around with the ladies. Before launching into the fist-pumping rock track, he noted -- to audience laughter -- one lesson he learned back then: "When your girlfriend leaves you and you can’t cook, you’re f***ed." Featuring the hook. 'There’s a hole in my heart where she used to be,' the song drew strong positive reaction from the packed Bowl. But that wasn’t the only new song that Stewart introduced. The night before, he performed 'Grace,' which will appear on Blood Red Roses. An official announcement about the album and its worldwide release date is coming shortly."

Rod Stewart told us that he recognized early on that it was his voice above anything else that drew fans to his music, both with the Faces and on his own: "I know that's what got people's attention. With my first couple albums, it wasn't necessarily my songwriting. It was my style of singing, and the odd cover versions I did on my first two albums -- the covers and the wide range of material that my voice would allow me to cover."