Rod Stewart will release his 30th studio album, titled Blood Red Roses on September 28th. The set marks Rod's first new collection since 2015's Another Country. Rod has just released the album's lead single, "Didn't I," online which chronicles with a parent dealing with their child's battles with substance abuse. Singer Bridger Cady guests on the track. Rod posted on his Facebook page, "I always think I make albums for a few friends and this record has that intimacy. Sincerity and honesty go a long way in life and the same is true in song-writing."

With Rod Stewart once again taking charge in the studio over the recent years, we asked him if he was trying in some way to recapture the magic found on his classic early-'70s albums: "Well, you can't recreate those, y'know, the atmosphere that was around in the studio (and) the way I felt back in those days, y'know? In those days I was in my late-'20s. Y'know, you've done this music and you've done it once and I swear to God you can do it again if you put your mind to it. The themes of the songs are a little bit more adult now; there's no 'Hot Legs' or 'Do You Think I'm Sexy?' but there are songs I think people can relate to."