Roger Daltrey claims he's never sniffed cocaine, according to while promoting his new memoir, Thanks A Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story, the Who frontman appeared on Good Morning Britain and reveled, "When the drugs first started to come round in the early-'60s with the Mods it was mostly amphetamines and they dry you out, and if they dry you out you can't sing very well, and all I ever wanted to be was a good singer. I have never ever tried, I must be one of the only people my age who has never had a line of cocaine."

Daltrey talks frankly in the memoir about his 51-year-relationship -- and 46-year-marriage to former model, Heather Taylor -- the mother of three of his eight adult children: "She came home with me that night and never left. She had been a model and she understood the temptation of our business, the difficulties in keeping relationships together when you are all over the world and you're in the biggest band in the world. Here we are 51 years later. I worship her, she's fabulous. . . I was very lucky I met a woman in my life who I immediately fell in love with."

Roger Daltrey explained to us what sets his story apart form all the others told in other rock memoirs: "Just the story of my life and the things I've done, y'know, it's kind of interesting. And when I look at the juxtapositions of things -- y'know, like being the singer in the Who to being a fish farmer, and being a film star . . . There's all these swings and round-a-bouts in my life that are so juxtaposition-ed. There were interesting times, they were interesting times. And it wasn't all fun, but there was an awful lot of fun." at 7 p.m., Roger Daltrey will be signing copies for fans in Ridgewood, New Jersey at Bookends bookstore.

The next day, October 26th at 1 p.m., the Who frontman will be signing at Manhattan's Barnes And Noble outlet on Fifth Avenue.