Roger Daltrey took time out to explain his outburst at pot smoking fans at the Who's May 13th concert at New York's Madison Square Garden. During the show, Daltrey railed against the dopers, saying, "All the ones smoking grass down in the front there, I’m totally allergic to it. I’m not kidding, whoever it is down there, you f***ed my night and you made me really. . . I’m allergic to that sh** and my voice just goes. . . It sucks up. So f*** you!" Back on May 15th, 2015, Daltrey slammed fans at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum for the same issue.

Daltrey said in a comment to Billboard:

I'd just like to make it clear that it is quite well known amongst real Who fans that I have an extreme allergic reaction to pot and cigarette smoke. I have a sensitive issue on my vocal cords and the smoke has the effect of shutting down my voice making singing really hard work.

I really don't want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment, all I ask for is a little respect for someone doing their best to deliver a good night out for everyone. If you have to smoke it, get off your ass and go to the bog (bathroom) or eat it, please refrain from blowing clouds of it at me. I probably end up smoking more of your pot than you do and it becomes a singer's nightmare. You are putting the whole show in jeopardy by your selfish behavior, give it some thought.

Roger Daltrey told us that these days, due to his aging vocal cords, he's learned to properly pace himself within his live performances: "We can only play for two hours. Y'know it gets to be, for me personally and my voice, two hours is enough singing the way I sing. It's not an easy number these songs. They're very, very challenging. They demand the kind of energy that the voice needs to give it."

The Who performs on Saturday night (May 18th) in Noblesville, Indiana at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center.