Roger Daltrey seems most impressed with how 55 years on, the Who is still changing the game for themselves and the band's fanbase. In a new chat with Rock Cellar magazine, Daltrey was full of praise for the material Pete Townshend created for the band's new album, WHO. Daltrey said of Townshend's songwriting, "He always surprises me as a writer. I'm such a fan of his writing. I've always been a fan of his musical ability. But Townshend, some way or another, always seems he is able to break the mold. He seems to be able to push it that extra bit further that turns your head. I've always, always had incredible admiration for him for doing that. For me, I like it when the Who break the rules and do something like 'She Rocked My World.' The Who will always surprise you like that."

Daltrey went on to explain that with a tune like the new "Rockin' In Rage," Townshend is spotlighting how it feels to be a septuagenarian in today's world: "I think with Pete writing that song it's an awareness of where he is in his life. We're getting old. 'I don't think I've ever been so far out on the margins and too old to fight the machetes and blades' (from 'Rockin' In Rage'). That's how you feel as you're getting older. You used to walk down the street with cocky bravado and now it's, 'I hope I don't get blown over!' (laughs)"

Regarding the fact that for all their years as a working band, the Who only has 12 albums to its credit, Daltrey said, "To me, it's right, but I wish we had done more live shows. I wish we had done more touring when we were red hot and razor sharp. Y'know, coming off the road the amount we did in the '70s, we did films and Tommy and all that other stuff, it was very good for our career generally. But as a rock band, it would have been better if we had done a few more tours, which might have led to more albums. But Pete generally in those days got a lot of his song ideas from the band touring."

Although he's in no way forgotten the band's incredible history, Roger Daltrey recognizes that the Who remains very much a part of the now -- both in terms of the business and a still growing legion of fans: "It's nice to have survived, because we did lose a lot of friends on the way. It is extraordinary -- and (to) still able to be able to draw an audience that in some ways is, y'know -- to what young bands kind of draw -- is enormous; thanks to things, like CSI and our songs being on there and other bands picking up Who music and saying that it influenced them. Their fans come and see us and they say: 'Woo, this is something different.' I mean, it's true, Who music is very different from most rock n' roll that's out there."

The Who will perform a pair of special acoustic shows on February 12th and 14th at Pryzm in Kingston-Upon-Thames, England.