Roger Daltrey is wowing both Who die-hards and casual fans with his current summer tour in which he performs Tommy in its entirety. With Pete Townshend taking a year off, Daltrey, who often tours between band projects to keep his voice in shape, chose to tackle one of the Who's toughest pieces -- their 1969 double album rock opera -- along with a symphony orchestra at each stop.

Daltrey told us that he gets into a very specific mindset to embody the piece he immortalized back when he was only 24-years-old: "When I hit the stage I'm singing it for the first time. I've put a few links in this and I've had to reinvent an ending to it, 'cause on the record, as you know, it fades out. I'm being faithful to the record on this. I've added one little, tiny link to cover up a guitar change. My guitarist has to change from a six-string electric to and 12-string acoustic. I don't want any stops, I want it to be non-stop music for around 10 minutes. But it is magnificent -- I assure you."