Pandemic be damned, Roger Waters promises he's still hard at work. Waters, who is but one of many veteran artists who have seen major tours put on ice while waiting out the coronavirus, maintains he's as busy as ever.

The Pink Floyd co-founder spoke to Rolling Stone, and posted a version of The Wall classic, "Mother," performed virtually with his touring band. During the song's line, "Mother should I trust the government?" -- Waters mouthed "No f***ing way."

He went on to say, "We haven't stopped work. We didn't stop for a single second. The show is part rock & roll arena show, part cinema. It's couched on this idea that we are divided between the ruling classes, who I characterize as living in the iCloud. They live in the sky -- it's all white up there, and they live in great luxury. And then there's the netherworld where the rest of us shuffle around, uncomfortably numb."

When posting the new version of "Mother" on his social media outlets, Waters wrote: "Social distancing is a necessary evil in Covid world. Watching 'Mother' reminds me just how irreplaceable the joy of being in a band is."

Roger Waters touched upon the difference between where he believes humanity is now and where is should be: "The world is a far worse place than it was just after the second World War, because it has been taken over by greed and corporate strategy and, y'know, the love of money. At the expense of joy that we all of us could get from treating each other more humanely."