Roger Waters has just released a clip from his upcoming concert film Us + Them, featuring him performing his 1977 Pink Floyd classic “Pigs (Three Different Ones).” reported Us + Them will premiere at the Venice International Film Festival which runs from August 28th through September 7th. The film, which was directed by Sean Evans, was captured over four nights last June at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. Us + Them will run in theaters worldwide over two nights — October 2nd and 6th.

Waters said of the project, “I’m so looking forward to the launch of the movie in October. Us + Them is not standard rock n' roll fare. Some in the audience may 'yee ha!’ which is OK, but many will weep. That is what I hope for. Us + Them is a call to action. Homo sapiens stand at a crossroads — we can either pool our love, develop our capacity to empathize with others and act collectively for the good of our planet, or we can remain Comfortably Numb, and continue, like blind lemmings, on our current omnicidal death march towards extinction. Us + Them is a vote for love and life.”

Roger Waters explained that rebelliousness and independent thinking have always been part of his makeup: “Yeah, I always have been that way. I spent a lot of time in the education system in England, which by and large was pretty good. But, when I went to my secondary school, which was a grammar school, they were pretty much of the 'sit down, be quiet, shut up and listen' school of education. We had canes and stuff like that, so there was plenty to rebel against — but then I've always been politically active, so when I was a kid I was involved in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and other organizations like that.”

The “Us + Them” trek, which played five legs across the globe over 157 shows, grossed a massive $198.46 million between May 2017 and December 2018.