Roger Waters' live Us + Them film will run in theaters worldwide over two nights — October 2nd and 6th, with tickets going on sale Wednesday, July 17th. The “Us + Them” trek, which played five legs across the globe over 157 shows, grossed a massive $198.46 million between May 2017 and December 2018.

Waters' manager Mark Fenwick said of the upcoming movie, directed by Waters and Sean Evans, “Roger has been the innovator of theater in arena and stadium rock n' roll since the early-’70s. He is legendary for pushing the boundaries of surround sound and visual entertainment with his message of love and humanity through 'Us + Them.'”

Recently released is the Pink Floyd documentary, The Story Of Wish You Were Here. The doc, which was directed by John Edgington chronicles the making of the band's 1975 classic. Edgington told us that 30 years after the legal wrangling with David Gilmour over the Floyd brand name — and ultimately over who really was the driving force behind the band — Roger Waters is finally able to see himself within the bigger picture: “I interviewed Roger 10 years ago. I did a documentary about Syd Barrett, and it was the first time that David and Roger had been in anything together because they both have strong feelings about Syd. And Roger's feelings about Syd were very transparent. I mean, he was crying in the interview. So, that surprised me and I thought there was something going on. I think it's kind of got Roger to a place where all this has come together. He's in his 60's and he's realized that actually, y'know, this stuff wasn't necessarily all about him.”