Rollin with the flow that is kind of the way I approach life.

But life seems to be flowing at a pace where I want to scream


I have been  dealing with a few health issues for the past few months.

I recently had surgery on my left elbow for a nerve issue.  At the same time I had surgery on my left wrist to repair a torn tendon.  That included screws and pins.  The pain from that surgery is still there and causes more pain than I thought it would.

The flow continues to increase with two Dr visits on October 29th.  One to examine the wrist and put on a new cast.  Second Dr is to discuss a possible neck surgery for this fall.

But as the song say’s “IT JUST KEEPS ROLLING ALONG”.

Today I get to go to the dentist and have a wisdom tooth removed!

So can there be any more flow?

It is cold and flu season…. You never know with the FLOW..


Stupid news: Linus and dog pooh

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