The Rolling Stones have been publicly accused by a fan for age discrimination over the prices of their concert tickets. The Daily Mail reported concert-goer, Michael Boyajian -- a 60-year-old retired judge -- has filed a complaint with the New York Division of Human Rights claiming the Stones and their promoters -- Concerts West/AEG -- are charging five times the amount for tickets for the disabled than for standard seats. He argues that he would have to pay $1,075 for a ticket to the band's show at New York City's MetLife Stadium next June, as opposed to the average $200 per seat.

Boyajian -- who revealed he has never seen the band in concert -- told the paper: "Baby boomers are their biggest fans, and we’re ageing out now. I just want them to make more accessible seating available. I have to use a walker. I have trouble getting up and down steps." The Mail posted: "When (Boyajian) tried to buy tickets, wheelchair accessible seats were either sold out immediately or did not exist. The only disabled seats available were for those with hearing and sight impairments -- and were far too expensive."

Mick Jagger was asked what he believes is the secret for the constant influx of new and younger Stones fans filling the arenas and stadiums around the world: "Well, the older ones that’ve got all the money bring the younger ones and pay for them, and the younger ones say, ‘alright.’ That, I mean it’s very gratifying. I mean, I think they, a lot of times, y’know, they’ve heard about you through their parents, or their older brothers or sisters, or something like that."