Coming to vinyl as a five-LP set on October 11th, is Rush's Clockwork Angels Tour. The collection, which will sell for $119.98, is pressed on five 180-gram LP's and includes an etching on the flipside of the final album. The set comes packaged in a two-piece telescope box with a full-color booklet, and a code to download a high-definition digital version of the 2013 album.

According to the press release: "During the concert's second set, the band performed live with a string ensemble. Led by Canadian conductor David Campbell, the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble accompanied the band on 10 of the 12 songs from Clockwork Angels. The ensemble also joined the band on 'Dreamline' from 1991's Roll The Bones; 'YYZ' from 1981's Moving Pictures; and 'Red Sector A' from 1984's Grace Under Pressure. The vinyl set also features the bonus tracks from the original release, including a version of 'Limelight' that the band recorded during soundcheck."

Geddy Lee told us Rush wasn't always aware of how much they were progressing from one project to the next: "You feel like, when you're making it, that it's a huge leap. You set out to do something different -- you don't set out to make something similar. Y'know, it's always a question of experimentation, and how you feel at that moment, and you always seem to feel in a, quite a different headspace than in the previous time around 'Try to improve on something that maybe frustrated you about the last record. So, from the inside looking out, they feel like very big jumps. And then when you look back from a distance, some of those jumps were not so huge, and some of them were actually quite big."