Out today (May 10th) is Sammy Hagar & The Circle's first studio album, Space Between. The band, which features Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and guitarist Vic Johnson, is currently on the road in support of the set. In May 2015, the Circle released its debut live album, titled, At Your Service.

In addition to songs from the new album, Hagar solo favorites, and a stab at Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll," the Circle has been tackling a handful of Van Halen classics, including, "Poundcake," "Finish What Ya Started," "Right Now," "Why Can't This Be Love?," and "Best Of Both Worlds."

During a chat with Eddie Trunk on Sirius XM, Sammy Hagar revealed he once considered retiring from music, recalling, "I've tried to quit. Before I joined Van Halen in '84, when I cut my hair off, I was thinking about, 'Yeah, maybe I'll do one more record after VOA and retire. I really thought that way back then. The marriage I was in, my wife hated my career and hated me going away and hated me working all the time, and I was thinking, 'Maybe I'll just settle down and raise my kids.' And now, it's, like, everybody's saying, 'When are you gonna quit? When do you think you're gonna say, 'Well, that's enough'?' Well, I don't know. Because it's not right now. I'm think I'm as good as I've ever been. And I'm not bragging -- I'm just saying."

Hagar went on to say what it would take for him to pack it in: "If I felt like I didn't have it, if I walked out on stage and didn't have it, and I've seen plenty of people like that, I probably would stop -- I mean, I really would. I don't think I would do it anymore if I would start embarrassing myself. So you all let me know."

Sammy Hagar has long professed that his concerts are there for the sole purpose of entertaining his fans -- nothing more and nothing less: "We have a direction and a lifestyle and a way we want to live. It's, y'know, beach by day and dancing all night, basically, y'know. To me it's all about keeping my fans happy, giving them a little direction if I can find it for them and turning them on to anything I get turned onto, and that's it."