A sample of Paul McCartney's 1991 demo for “Angel In Disguise” has hit the Internet before heading to auction. The tune was gifted to Ringo Starr, which he ultimately recorded with producer Peter Asher — but ultimately left off his 1992 comeback album, Times Takes Time.

The song, which arguably is not one of McCartney's stronger '90s efforts, features “Macca” adopting a cod reggae accent against a barebones track including piano and a drum machine — with a repetitive pre-chorus reminiscent of the 1997 Flaming Pie track, “If You Wanna.” The auction will feature two versions of the song — McCartney's demo, and another featuring Ringo's rough studio track.

Redsector.com reported British DJ Tony Prince is selling the cassette after McCartney enlisted him in finding a suitable artist to cover the songs after Ringo bumped it from the album.

The tape, with other memorabilia, will go under the hammer on May 19th at Omega Auctions’ online sale with 25 percent of proceeds donated to the NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal. The tape is expected to sell for around $25,000.

Having had his post-Beatles work considered cutting edge, in-favor, out of favor — and back in — Paul McCartney admitted that these days he only writes for himself: “I went through a period of writing for listeners, but I think that's a bad mistake — 'cause you don't know who's really listening anyway. And you sort of write for critics, or, y'know, what you think they're gonna want. I think it's a bad idea. I think you've gotta write for yourself. I figure, if I like it, there's a chance they might. If I start to write something I think they'll like, and I don't like it — that's fatal. So I make a point these days of satisfying myself first.”