Santana and Journey co-founder Gregg Rolie is back with perhaps his most eclectic solo set to date. The twice-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has just released Sonic Ranch -- his first all-new studio set in a whopping 18 years. Rolie explained that the long break between releases had nothing to do with taking things easy: "The simple fact is, I've been working. I've been writing songs over the years, and we recorded half of them by 2013. Then I got busy touring with Ringo (Starr & His All Starr Band), and I took part in the Santana reunion, Santana IV. Everything took time. Finally, when Santana IV was done, I could get back to finishing the record."

Rolie, who performs with his Gregg Rollie Band and also gigs with fellow Journey co-founder Neal Schon in the touring band Journey Through Time, tapped the iconic guitarist for Sonic Ranch -- along with original Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, and legendary bassist Alphonso Johnson, among others. Of particular note to Journey fans on the new album is Rolie's reinterpretation of the title track to the group's 1976 album, Look Into The Future. Rolie credits Ringo Starr for the inspiration behind the album's first single, "What About Love."

Gregg Rolie told us that whether it's creating new music or sequencing it for a new album -- the human response still remains the most important factor: "When I'm playin' it for people, I have to like it, but if nobody likes it, I'll be in the garage going, 'Damn, I'm bad-ass, everybody should know this, but no one'll know it, 'cause you just played for yourself.' I wanna play it for people. And when I play it for people (and they say) 'Man, I love that!' Oh yeah -- I might be close to the front or it could be the end. And I kind of base it off the energy of the music that's there and how it flows to each other. And that's it. And if you can get the first five (tracks) to just roll together, then the rest of it is just an icing."