The excitement of Saturday’s changes during your life.

Take my life as an example.


As a kid I was a lot like Spanky of “The Little Rascal’s”

I was always trying to find a way to be “sick” on school days but OH MY SATURDAY’S

If I wasn’t outside playing I was watching TV with The Adventures of Superman.  Anything with Batman, The super friends. Bugs Bunny, Captain Caveman and a very strange favorite ‘Lancelot Link Secret Chimp”

As I grew older Saturdays changed.  I was still playing but now it was Church League Basketball.  I was once lead my team in scoring with 24pts, even 2 points for the other team!   Long story short a tip off went to me a guy was guarding me very close and I forgot which basket we had and trying to draw a foul I threw the ball towards the wrong hoop and swish.

Fast forward and Saturday’s meant a part time job at Transport Salvage… A junk yard!  Just like Sanford and Son but the owner would sometimes pick me up or take me home in his 63 vette or his Jaguar.

Off to college and Saturday’s became playtime again with bowling, foosball, and the occasional nap before a date or going to a dance.

Then it happened out of nowhere.  I became an adult with real adult responsibilities.  Saturday’s became more complicated.

Working in radio meant being on the air, doing remote broadcast and prep for the next week. If you had a few hours off you tried to take care of adult responsibilities, grocery shopping cleaning house and trying to find time for a nap.

So here I am later in life Saturdays still means adult things but now I am a married man and that means chores, cleaning and when that is over I watch my DVR recording of Live PD.  And if I am lucky THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN!

Here is a great song about Saturday’s.

After the 1st day of the bracket challenge I am leading Ajay Salveson with my 16-4 record while he is at 13 and 7.   I took the high ground on Friday morning.

Stupid news: stolen cab and a semi both cause problems

Laff lines:  late night talk show host on March Madness