I am going to show my age with this statement “SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS AIN’T WHAT THEY USED TO BE”

Yes you can still find some Saturday morning cartoons but (use old man voice) “When I was a kid we lived for those Saturday morning shows”

My first memories of Saturday morning shows is “The Adventures of Superman”  No it wasn’t a Cartoon but it came on at 6:30am and without the aid of an alarm I would wake up just in time on Saturday’s to watch the adventures of the Man of Steel.  Yes Bullets would bounce off his chest but he would duck when the bad guy threw the gun at him.

Other favorites were the Bugs Bunny cartoons voiced by Mel Blanc who by the way shares his birthday with me.

Super hero cartoons ruled the day for me.  The Super friends were great.  If it wasn’t the friends it was The Fantastic Four and Spiderman or Space ghost.  I even got into the parody super hero shows.  Mighty Mouse, Underdog and my favorites of the sillier super hero shows.  Captain Cave Man and Hong Kong Fluey.   I miss those shows.

Even though I love music the shows that were based on musical acts just didn’t do much for me.  The Beatles the Jackson 5 shows were watchable for me but were not among the favorites.

The was one exception, kind of.   The Archie’s were a cartoon show that led to forming a band and having the #1 song in 1969 Sugar Sugar.  The Archie’s were just one man.  Ron Dante was the lead vocalist.  Not a name that everyone remembers but he also had other hits just not under his name.  He was member of The Detergents who had a novelty hit with Leader of the Laundry man, and Ron Sang lead on the Cufflinks hit Tracy.

By the way the song Sugar Sugar was written by Andy Kim who had solo hits with Baby I love you and Rock me gently.

A big shout out must go to The Banana Splits which was a live action and cartoon show that I really loved.

But one show on Saturday mornings that always made me laugh was the show Lancelot Link Secret chimp.   The spy show parody featured the efforts to stop the evil leaders of C.H.U.M.P.  (The Criminal Headquarters for the Underworlds Master Plan)  Our hero worked with A.P.E. (The Agency to Prevent Evil).

The show was so much fun that a few years ago I showed some shows to some kids and they loved it.

There was even a rock band on the show called The Evolution Revolution.  I had even found the album in a cut out bin and paid a buck for it and it was great.

A few weeks ago I even found this

I could go on and on about Saturday morning cartoons but I must admit the kids today have cartoons every day thanks to the Disney channel, Boomerang, the Cartoon network and I must admit I will watch some of the shows, well a lot of the shows today.

So now that we have talked he old school Saturday morning cartoons it is time for me to go to the Hall of Justice and join up with A.P.E. and as I leave I say ‘UP UP AND AWAY”

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