People ask me, what was your favorite subject in school?  My answer was and still is LUNCH!

Bad joke aside it was actually History, but lunch was a close 2nd.

As I was looking for the Video of the day I found Kids eating school lunches from the past.  That video sparked a few Lunch memories.

In elementary school, school lunch was an adventure in YUK mixed with uggg and more YUK.  However as I have over the years Dave’s stomach finds a way. The regular school lunch was usually OK but my favorite part was the Chocolate milk but even then that little carton that holds slightly more than a teaspoon wasn’t enough,  what to do , what to do.  Then I found it.  Offer to help the lunch lady!

Well it was actually I helped with the Garbage!  I would stand of the tray return and dump all the wet trash and leftover meat or meat like substances in one can and dry trash in another.  In exchange for my services I would get an extra chocolate milk!!!

The High school years were filled with mixed results.   Most of the time I would skip lunch and play football with the guys, but on occasion hunger took over.  My school had a hot lunch line that some kids would go to then there was a snack line where you would get Hamburgers Hot Dogs and Pizza.   The food was under paper wraps and sat under the hottest heat lamp in the world.  Than meant really dried out bread.  Actually the hamburger or hamburger like substance was good!

My favorite school lunch moment came when Channel 5 news came to school for a story on School lunch.  The reporter sat right next to me!  Yes my teen hormones were at full force at the time.  The reporter asked if my friends and I would talked to them about lunch.   My portion of the Lunch story came at the very end when the reporter said she mostly enjoyed the food until a young man (ME) showed them my Hamburger.  At that point the camera zoomed in as I unwrapped the paper from the burger and took my index finger and poked at the bun.  I didn’t have to exert a lot of pressure when the bun cracked and broke off into pieces.  It was that hard and dry from being under the heat lamp.

The next day at school you could hear the students talk about being on TV the night before and which friends they had seen.  No one talked about me but my finger was famous!

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